Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

When you make a booking with us, and upon the issuance of our Booking Confirmation to you, it is deemed that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions below which are contained in our Booking Confirmation.

Your cat(s) will be accommodated in a standard double room unless a family room is specifically requested in writing and you also agree that your OWN cats may share a room together unless you advise us otherwise in writing at the time of booking and we have confirmed availability in our booking confirmation.
We cannot accept unneutered male cats or unneutered female cats “in heat”.

Unless we have stated otherwise in our booking confirmation you may cancel your booking up to 7 days prior to the check-in date without charge and any deposit will be refunded in full. For the Christmas/New Year holiday period there will be a charge of 25% for bookings cancelled within 7 days of the check-in date.

For first time bookings only we may require a deposit of 25% payable at the time of booking.

Our fees are charged by the day, including the days of arrival and departure.

Our minimum stay charge is 3 days (2 nights) or 5 days (4 nights) at Christmas, regardless of whether you check-out earlier. No credit will be given for early check-outs at any time after your cat has checked-in.

Special appointments outside of our normal hours must be arranged at the time of booking.

We have insurance cover for accidents and illnesses which occur while your cat is staying with us. It does not cover any pre-existing conditions whether they have been previously diagnosed or not and you will be responsible for veterinary charges for conditions which are not covered by our insurance.

It is a condition of your cat boarding with us that you agree that we may seek veterinary advice and have the authority to make decisions on your behalf which are in the best interests of your cat. You agree that we may administer any medication or treatment prescribed by the vet and the cost will be added to your account. In any emergency situation we will always try and contact you or your emergency contact.

Checking in:
Your cat(s) must have up to date vaccinations against flu and feline enteritis with the most recent vaccination given at least 7 days before their stay with us. Your cat(s) will not be able to stay with us if you do not bring the vaccination certificate with you when you check-in. This will be returned to you when your cat(s) is checked out at the end of their stay.

Your cat(s) must have received up to date flea and worm treatment prior to arrival and if it is found to be necessary you agree that we may administer flea and worm treatment at your expense during their stay.

Cat collars must be removed prior to arrival and your cat(s) must be transported in an adequately secure and clean cat carrier or basket. If you are not checking the cat(s) in or out yourself please ensure that the person you send is able to handle your cat safely.

If your cat is on medication or a special diet you must advise us when you make a booking or prior to check-in and you must bring the medication and any special veterinary diet with you.

If you need assistance carrying your cat from the car park to our reception please phone through to our office when you arrive and we will assist you.

Payment is due in full at the time of checking out..
We can accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer to our account. We cannot accept debit or credit cards.
For long term bookings an invoice will be sent to you for payment at the end of each month.

VAT will be charged at the current rate on all existing and future bookings. This may need to be updated at any time during the booking period in accordance with current HMRC rates.

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