What we offer

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Our luxury accommodation

Our 20 spacious pens are all double suites with a heated inner bedroom and an outer playroom to give your cat plenty of space to play and relax while you are away. They are designed to accommodate one or two cats and some of our double rooms can be opened up into family units for up to five cats to cater for multi-cat households.

Guests with special needs and veterinary care

We can offer to dispense veterinary medication and subcutaneous injections if required. We can accommodate elderly, disabled, blind and deaf cats. Our dedicated staff are experienced and highly qualified in all aspects of small animal care and welfare.

If, for any reason, one of our guests is unwell while staying with us we have 24-hour veterinary cover with the Honiton Small Animal Veterinary Clinic and we also have a separate isolation unit which is adjacent to the main cattery.

Good Food

We provide our own Super-Premium dry food which contains all named ingredients and no animal derivatives, preservatives, or artificial colours. It is formulated with nutritionally balanced levels of vitamins and minerals and high quality protein. Alternatively some branded dry foods are also available. A selection of the most popular branded wet foods are also offered twice daily so your cat can eat what it is used to at home. A special Gourmet menu of fresh fish or chicken is also available.


Our cleaning routine

Prior to checking in, all rooms will have been disinfected with special cleaning products which are safe for use with cats. All the furniture, walls, ceiling and floors will be treated with the appropriate disinfectant and it is also added to our own cattery bedding when it is washed to ensure that there is no cross infection.

The cattery units themselves are constructed in uPVC which are easy to clean and there are no porous surfaces which would allow for the transmission of diseases.

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